Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

We will start with a free introduction phone call, lasting between 15-30 minutes.  Here we will establish your reason(s) for wanting to book a consultation, and whether you are an ideal candidate for Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching.  It may be that you require more specialised help, in which case I will need to refer you.  I will explain to you the process of Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching and from here we can decide how many sessions we should start with.  Please register your interest here, and we can arrange via email a suitable time for me to call you.


Initial Consultation

Starts with one 45-60 minute consultation for information gathering.

Approximately 3 days later we will have another 45-60 minute consultation where we will work together to create a plan.


Follow Up Consultation

Every 7-10 days we can have a follow up consultation lasting 45-60 minutes. 


Here we will adjust and adapt your plan, keeping you accountable and helping you move closer to your goals.


Block Booking

Depending on what your ultimate goals are, it is recommended that you block book several follow up consultations after your initial consultation.  Having these regular check-ins helps to keep you on track and less likely to give up, making it more likely that you will create new healthy habits.  

All consultations include:

Dietary analysis and interpretations

Nutritics dietary reports

Personalised meal plans and recipes

Personalised recommendations and tracking sheets