I'm a fully certified and insured Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach based in South-West France and  I want to help you understand how you can be in control of your health!

Prevention is better than Cure!

The decisions we make today really can effect our future health.

By making changes to your diet and lifestyle we can improve so many aspects of your well-being.  I can show you how to improve your sleep, reduce your stress, increase your energy, and reach and maintain an ideal weight.  This all adds up to a longer, healthier life.

A little guidance could be all you need...

My role as an NLC is not to simply tell you what do to.  How often does that ever work, really?  What I will do is work with you, not just by sharing with you my knowledge and expertise, but by coaching you while you work on making the changes we have designed together.  We will work as hard as each other, you while you make changes, and me while I support you. 

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