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Emma Penrose - Dip. NLC IHS
Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach


Hi, I'm Emma! I'm a fully certified and insured Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach based in South-West France. I'm registered with UKIHCA (UK & International Health Coach Association). The UKIHCA is a leading professional body for Health Coaches in the UK and internationally. Members of the UKIHCA are fully qualified and credentialed professionals who have satisfied their robust professional standards and work within a defined Scope of Practice.

A little bit about me...


Born and raised in South-East Oxfordshire, I moved to France in 2011 at the age of 23. At the time it didn't seem like a big deal, packing my entire life up into my little Ford Fiesta and setting off for a new life. Only now looking back do I realise how lucky I am that I ended up in such a beautiful place with so many amazing people around me!

I had had a lot of bad habits living in the UK so it didn't take long to notice how much healthier my lifestyle had become. No longer relying on ready meals and fast food, I was learning how to cook delicious, healthy meals from fresh ingredients. I also rescued my lovely little dog, georgeous George as a very young puppy. Half Yorkie and half Border Collie, he needed a lot of exercise which meant I was getting a lot of exercise too!It was a big change from previous life and my body was thanking me for it!


I noticed how much more energy I had, my skin was clearer and my digestive system was much happier! It all started to get a bit addictive and I soon decided I wanted to learn more about how a healthy diet and lifestyle changes can really improve our health and longevity. I started studying nutrition and qualified as a nutrition and lifestyle coach in 2020. Since then I've been coaching clients to make small, sustainable changes in their own lives, helping them to lose weight, sleep better and improve their energy levels.

What is Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching?

The decisions we make today really can effect our future health.

By making changes to your diet and lifestyle we can improve so many aspects of your well-being.  I can show you how to improve your sleep, reduce your stress, increase your energy, and reach and maintain an ideal weight.  This all adds up to a longer, healthier life.

A little guidance could be all you need...

My role as an NLC is not to simply tell you what do to.  How often does that ever work, really?  What I will do is work with you, not just by sharing with you my knowledge and expertise, but by coaching you while you work on making the changes we have designed together.  We will work as hard as each other, you while you make changes, and me while I support you. 

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Give the Gift of Health!


Gift vouchers are available, just send me an email at and I can arrange it for you.

Love Nutrition Cookery Class Voucher
€60 - Valid for One Person for One Class

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Voucher

130 - Valid for 1 Initial Consultation

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching Package
€390 - Valid for 1 Initial Consultation and 4 Follow-up Consultations

(Follow-up consultations must be used within 10 weeks of the initial consultation)
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Vouchers are valid for 1 year after purchase. Click here for more information about what is included with a nutrition and lifestyle consultation.

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