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In recent years more and more people have been moving towards vegetarian and vegan diets.  Personally, I have followed pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan diets for nearly 20 years and have a certificate in plant-based nutrition, so I'm well placed to help guide you through the minefield of (mis)information to be found online.  

Vegetarian and vegan diets in particular, tend to be low in certain essential nutrients, and there is a right way and a wrong way to cutting meat and dairy from your diet.  I will show you the best way to make these changes without sacrificing your health.

Did you know there are loads of different types of plant-based diets ranging from the more familiar such as Vegan and Vegetarian to the more unknown like Fruitarian and Raw before Four.  Whichever approach you would like to take, I can help you to understand the healthiest way to embark on your plant-based way of life!

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